Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Importance of Campus Placement

Campus Placement
Recruitment is one of the most significant functions for any organization as they seek knowledgeable professionals to fill up the correct positions. Companies these days have been relying a lot on campus placement to fill up the vacancies. This method is comparatively new but is one of the finest ways to get the correct resources for a company. While the companies get the best talent from different universities, students too get an opportunity to start their career with some of the top companies in the corporate world. Each college must have a placement cell to help the students find the correct job where they can hone their skills and prepare for a bright future ahead.

Students seeking admission in a good college must seek information about its placement cell to be capable to know their chances of landing up a good job after they complete their course. Campus placements are helpful for the students in more than one way. The students get exposed to the corporate environment at the correct time and learn how to prepare themselves for the competition. Placement cell in a college implies that the university management is thoughtful about the career of the students. This is why it is a wise decision to select a college that offers placements to its students.

Inner and Outer Branding

Employer branding is carried out by companies in the form of pre-placement talk which is an extremely effective medium of presenting and attracting the correct pool of prospective employees. The key to an impactful PPT is by being transparent on Business Processes, Company background, terms of employment, expectation from the candidates and growth chances.

The Student community has pre-conceived notions about numerous job profiles and myths surrounding the nature of various jobs. The onus is on the corporate via constant engagement programs with students.

Internal branding for business can be done by promoting the USP & growth aspect of the specific company by doing company specific briefing sessions before the hiring procedure. Organizations need to highlight their corporate culture, advantages package, the work-life balance offerings and any other types of programs that would appeal to this generation. Candidates can also brand themselves by getting placed through campus placement, it always carries credibility to applicant profile and this will help developing on self-branding. There are several self- branding aspects like facial expression, attire (Packaging), attitude, confidence, and presence of mind.

Research and Industry internship prospect

Campus is a place where students get exposed to the peer group as well as the corporate. Industry internship is the most unique chance that students get to experience for a lifetime. It serves as a prelude to the placement period. Unlike Dissertation and thesis, Internship Program is not just about preparing a report, it's about utilizing the experience of working with co-workers from several backgrounds, and it also gives you a picture of corporate world, communicating with many functions & understanding of job functions with various growth aspects in the specific function.

Research is all about creating a pool of knowledge. Research supports students to decipher their immediate next plan of action. Research is most vital tool for a student to become a primary resource of knowledge and information. The world is gradually becoming a place for specialists. Mastering a specific subject or streamlining one's area of interest is the need of the hour.

Emplacement Mechanism

Corporate searching for Gen Y are investing in strong and ingenious campus program by mapping the domestic educational institute on a list of criteria to participate in campus hiring plan. More than 50 percent of the organization in India looks for quality of student, media report, reputation of institute, accreditation, infrastructure, permanent faculty, student and faculty ratio, and sometimes a good pool of experience applicants. There are several such more criteria which distinguish an institute from other institutes, such as, performance of the placed student from campus, alumni network, industry experience visiting faculty and research published by the permanent faculty members.

Creating encouraging environment for learning

Learning in present world is a two way communication. Experiential Learning and learning through practical approach is the need of the hour. Theories that had been imparted for ages do not always hold relevance in today's quick changing corporate world. Modern day students are given the freedom to question classroom teachings and Institutes have gradually become melting pots of thoughts that had led to creation of many successful startups.

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