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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

MBA Colleges in Greater Noida for Best Placement Offers and Completion of Study

Greater Noida is counted being among the most progressive of NCR locations, offering a desirable blend upscale residential locales and academic services. This truth is highlighted by the increasing volume of residential locations and the best MBA colleges in Greater Noida. Plenty of management colleges have become counted among the top MBA course in India, offering eagerly-sought business management courses.

Top College of Delhi/NCR for Studying Master of Business Administration

MBA degree can be done as a two-year traditional degree which is an accelerated choice for persons having crystal clear profession goal as their fantasy. Some of the most popular specializations selected today in MBA are


Marketing Management

Procedures Management


The enlargement in the global business economy has given go up to new MBA areas of expertise like technology, and world business. Keeping in mind the worth of their education offered, facilities, placements and job choices the colleges offer, you must go in advance opting for the universities right for you. In order to help you grab a seat in the best B-Schools in Greater Noida, various access exams like CAT, SNAP, XAT etc. are conducted across India.

The widespread acknowledgement of business management colleges in Delhi/NCR as a prudent choice for pursuing MBA also stems from the realism that is most effective growing areas. Many students commit the mistake of selecting their destinations for pursuing MBA courses on the basis of hearsay. Well informed decisions are the correct decisions in any area of life and it is no different with opting for an MBA course.

The very first thing that comes to your mind if you are looking out for an MBA school is the school reliability. You desperately want to be sure that you are getting yourself into the best place as it's going to placed standards for your profession later on. You want to go to a college or university that has a good reputation in the society and has a positive review. The college or university wants to have years of record that they might speak about. Consequently, check the school position along with the school establishment period.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to Get MBA HR Fresher Job

Human Resource is the fast-growing field with lucrative work opportunities. It is a field where you have the variety of job positions and titles. As a preferred career path, you can pick the best appropriate profile as per your need. If you plan your education, training and work experience, it is very easy to make a career in it.

To start a career at the administrative level, an undergraduate degree is sufficient. However, big companies and MNC's look for a professional qualification in Human Resource. MBA in HR with specific certifications and training will lead you in a good job. Anybody can easily have MBA degree in HR but getting through the placement is very hard as you need to be competent. As a fresher, you need to focus on your skills and you need to possess advance Human Resource generalist training course.

For the career advancement, the first job is significant. You can not join any random company for HR position with low pay. To improve the career path, you need a placement at good at good HR position. KCC institute of technology and management is the reputed institute for MBA in Delhi NCR. They provide offline certification courses in MBA HR. The institute is famous for placing their candidates in reputed HR companies. It provides corporate practical training to make candidates job worthy.

Some of the popular courses offered by the company for fresher HR jobs are

Advance Human Resource Generalist Training

This course is particularly designed to cover major aspects of HR. It includes training on topics like performance management system, compensation, and advantages, Recruitment, training, and development etc. This course will raise your standard to get the best job.

Payroll and statutory compliance

Payroll management course is the specified course for gaining knowledge about statutory legal compliance and compensation and benefits. So numerous companies are seeking for applicants who are specifically proficient in payroll management.

IR & legal compliance

The skilled team of KCC institute of technology and management are experts on everything. 

PMS I T&D I R&S I Business HR

Performance management system, Training and development and recruitment & manpower planning are three core areas of HR which have ample of job opening.

SAP HR HCM Training

This is the advanced course which will make you competent and lead you with good income package.

For all the above courses you will get the Human Resource practical training in Delhi NCR. The institute is focused on developing the good career path in HR for their applicants. These are just a few lists of courses however you can get the certification training as per your education background need.

Create your own personalized Human Resource career track by joining the good MBA institute. You do not need any guidance if you are following this article. Anybody can get a good HR fresher job if you know the competitive ways to build HR career. Build some good skills through professional certification courses so that you become more competent. There are lots of Human Resource job positions and you can fit in numerous suitable positions. Select the one that meet your area of interest, career goal and financial goals.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Why Should You Opt to Study MBA?

A Master of Business Administration or MBA is the most famous post-graduate degree nowadays. Once an MBA is completed, the chances are bright and very broad. MBA happens to be the first choice for students following the completion of graduation. Nevertheless, students from numerous other disciplines such as MCA or engineering also pursue MBA after they complete the main stream. Find out why you must draw up MBA Colleges List in Delhi NCR, and you need to pursue an MBA degree from these academic institutions.

Brand Value

You can get a high brand value when you complete MBA from a major B-school. Pursuing an MBA from a prestigious institution can help you to get a good career, and make employers interested sufficient to hire you. Passing out with a management degree from a top institution can take you to greater heights.

Campus Recruitment

Many MBA colleges in the city offer in-house placements to students. Some of the best business schools also have association with top companies and organizations. Others let their students benefit from pre-placement offers. Students can join an agency if he or she gets a call letter at any day after the 3rd semester. In this procedure, you can take your 4th semester exams.

Higher Pay Package

When compared to students without a management degree, you can be assured of higher pay packages. MBA training makes students employable and competent, and lets them to bag lucrative jobs with higher pays. You can get bigger pay in the field of your choice. A number of surveys have confirmed that the starting salaries in management jobs have gone up in the last few years. This is a global trend. MBA jobs contain high salaries given that companies need employees with good leadership and business skills. Employers see MBA as more competent and well-organized.

Networking Opportunity

You can obtain a huge chance from PGDM and MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, which is significant for making a career in large multi-national agencies from various industries. An MBA degree exposes you to a community of management experts and business leaders. You can get the chance to establish a good relationship with top business leaders, which can support you to establish a lifetime career in management and move up the professional ladder. Once you begin working, the wide network of connections and interaction with top entrepreneurs can let you to get things done fast.


A management degree can offer you high exposure to the world of macro business, and make you generally employable. You can get theoretical knowledge with master's degree in other fields. Nevertheless, an MBA degree will offer you the business acumen that is essential to handle any business situation confidently.

Varied Specializations

You can find varied interesting specializations in MBA, and select a specialization that suits you. For instance, if you have the capability to do logical thinking very well, an MBA degree in Finance is a good idea. With ability to multitask and having sound communication skills, you can choose MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM).

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

What MBA Candidates Need To Know About Business Education These Days?

More business schools have begun seeing how to offer the MBA degree to produce skilled, principled, and knowledgeable managers and leaders. Business schools now need to look at what they are suggesting as the world around them changes. The inherent security of an MBA degree is no longer the same any longer. Graduates do not have high-paying jobs and there are many, who are forced to change fields. In this scenario, business schools have to rebalance the old and the new.

Business education has gone a considerable change. Data indicates that there is a huge difference in the rates of candidates who apply and who actually attend the course. There has been a drop in enrollments steadily even among the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. A general failure in engagement with the business curriculum apart, aspirants seem to believe that part-time or executive courses outrank the full-time course. This indicates a huge underlying concern among candidates: does an MBA degree add value? For experts, the incapability of the business curriculum to build creative and critical skills, develop an understanding the organizational realities, leadership development, and integrative thinking seem problematic and a cause of worry. These unmet wants among graduates have led MBA education to a critical point.

By the end of the 1950s, business education had a discipline-based and analytical method. This was later changed to accommodate models, analytics, and statistics to meet the needs in the last 5 decades. Today, the market needs different skill sets including having a global mindset, self-reflection, self-awareness, understanding the limitations of markets and models, and importantly, understanding the business roles. In order to incorporate the changing dynamics, some business schools have changed their programmes, making way for integrative thinking, project work, and experiential learning. But, there is a long way to go.

Experts are in favor of rebalancing the business education for it to meet necessities in future. This would mean bringing a balancing among knowing, doing, and being. Schools need to use the resources innovatively to complete this. Schools can extend their faculty by including alumni, local business leaders, and assign projects for experiential learning. This training cannot however be done in isolation. Business schools will have to come together for the mutual good and build upon the functional knowledge, teaching training, and research skills. Schools then can find which combination works in their context. Research requirements to be continued in order to keep the field and business education interdisciplinary and practice-oriented.

Candidates wanting to get into a top placement MBA college in Delhi NCR will have to do more than what their predecessors did. They need to develop an understanding of behaviors, practices, and understanding at the worldwide level. In addition, they need to become culturally intelligent. Without understanding how changes in cultures, legal frameworks, institutions, and norms affect commercial, management graduates can find it difficult to traverse the dynamics. More and more businesses are looking for managers and leaders who can manage and lead culturally diverse teams in order to build their global branding. This is why self-reflection as a skill has become important in business education. Today's business graduates need to develop their skills in a bigger context, that of the global world.

As business landscapes make a shift from older models in leadership and execution, fresh models replace them instantly. MBA graduates need to evolve and work with these new models and integrate them in their practice as soon as likely. By accepting this dynamic situation and using it for themselves, they will emerge as the leaders suitable for the present context.

KCC Institute Of Technology and Management is a leading educational institution based in Greater Noida, UP. The institution was established with the solo purpose of developing an intelligently invigorating environment by imparting quality education in the field of technology and management. The foundation of the Group was laid by Late Shri R.R. Aggarwal, an eminent philanthropist of his time in the year 1951, KCCITM is located across 40 acres amidst a lush green environment of National Capital Region (NCR). Top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR.

Monday, 1 January 2018

MBA Marketing- The Top MBA Course to Pursue in The Year of 2018

These days, people are doing MBA to top them in the job market and to get practical and deep knowledge on a particular branch of their attention. MBA in marketing is one of the best MBA Branch one can do as there is plenty of scope with the branch. There are numerous colleges in every city that provide MBA courses, particularly the MBA in marketing. Almost all MBA colleges in Delhi NCR provide MBA Marketing to their students. Taking an MBA in marketing from a college in Delhi NCR will surely enrich the person in the particular field and become a competitive professional in the job market. This article discusses why MBA in marketing is a worthy MBA course for 2018.

MBA in Marketing

MBA marketing teaches the art of selling the products and services. The marketing person has the responsibility to analyze and assess the product possibility according to the demand in the market. He/she also designs the new product and set the plans and goals. Marketing Professional other core areas are Branding, Planning, and adoption of promotional campaigns, Client research, etc. An individual, with innovative strategies, bring new thoughts and concepts which help organizations to prosper.

Importance of MBA Marketing

Students are trained innovative marketing techniques in this field. It covers all features of marketing management - sales, branding, finance, people management, advertisement, etc. It also supports to inculcate good reasoning skill and problem-resolving skill in the individual through which they become able to sell and market products in tough market conditions. This field gives plenty of job satisfaction and good earnings. Experts in this field are always in good demand in all industrial sectors because of the high competition in marketing services and products.

Marketing is a very good excellent as a specialization during your MBA. There is huge scope for graduates as only when you "sell" the product does the company earns income. The type of jobs you can look for after this are in Brand Management, the Marketing department of any company, Advertising, Market Research, Event Management, Public Relations, Retail Banking etc.

The scope

The Scope of MBA Marketing nowadays is huge as India is growing its GDP at 9% plus that means firms are expanding at a large rate. What it also means is that the budgets of some of these will also rise and create vast Jobs.

All these scopes and importance makes the MBA in marketing the top courses to pursue in the New Year. The best MBA College in Delhi NCR to pursue the course is a KCCITM MBA College in Delhi NCR. If you are searching to do an MBA course in Delhi NCR, KCCITM MBA College will be the best suit as it has the competent teachers, best faculty and infrastructure. In terms of Industry & Business oriented tailor-made training, of Academics, various competitions, and Cultural activities, the college is providing the best professional environment to MBA students and it helps a great deal to create the business professionals. Our MBA Graduates will use their skills they developed here to inspire change and dedication in an intensive 2-year program of transformation. Get enrolled to have the best experience of learning MBA in marketing in the New Year to enrich your career.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Future of MBA in India

Future of MBA
Dreams have no bonds and everybody one wants to fly high up and make the best out of what they learn. Having said that, parents are very particular to choose a stream for their ward, which will help them accomplish their dreams. A decade back a degree in MBA intended a path to the success or a shortcut to get the icing on the cake. To get the admission in one of the top colleges or an Top MBA college was challenging as there were less number of seats and the competition to get into the restricted seats was more. But within a decade an MBA Schools grew in number, so did the number of candidates at that time, but the competition level changed.

The Branded Engineering College came up with their own MBA schools. Everybody talked about the big placements they might give. But two factors changed the Future of MBA in India. One, with increasing number of colleges, increased the number students but the excellence of education came down.

What I mean by the excellence of education came down, is the number of students increased but the competition inside them was not up to the mark, so did the quality of skilled student passing out dropped. Also as in institute increased the excellence of skilled teachers dropped, resulting in the poor framing of the curriculum. The curriculum was not in sync with what the growing industry required it to be. The old Strategies of leadership skills or people handling where unsuccessful.

The Second Factor, what the industry understood, depending upon the first factor is that they need to get the students who have an outlook on business, which meant a non MBA graduate. This method they would get the students trained in a less cost and get the work done, meaning in a low cost a non MBA Graduate would be trained to do a job which an MBA graduate would do, for a lesser pay scale. Hence once the value MBA had has gone down. The upcoming generation has realized that. So they are searching for other steam like MA, MA specialization etc. which are niche skills, and taking up these courses would allow them to get a better pay scale from the market.

In order to get the old worth of MBA back, there's a need to re-innovate new ideas and new methods for handling the leadership role and business techniques. Better teachers to build up, an up to mark and constructive prospectus. If this is corrected then the second factor would less come in the picture, thus reforming the future of MBA in India.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Give A Worthy Start To The Professional Life With The Best MBA Programme

Youths with an eye to have a bright and secure future usually choose a management course, most likely the MBA program. Signing up for this degree is taking a step towards a fruitful career. Though, the expectation of an individual from the program largely depends on which business school he chooses to pursue the course. No matter which college a student picks, the first day for the MBA course is continuously intimidating.

Aren't there any ways to successfully start this course? Well, there are some guidelines which may help students go through the top MBA course in Delhi NCR fruitfully. Want to know them? Take a speedy look at the section below.

Focus, Focus and Focus

Getting admission to an MBA program should not make a student feel that he has all in his bag. No MBA course is a child's play; one has to go through a long way. One needs to have lots of focus to complete the course successfully and begin a prosperous career.

It is true that it is an important field of study and there are lots of job chances for an MBA student. But, only students with complete focus and grab over the subject can acquire the best place in the job market and build up a rewarding career. Everything might appear easy to a student but that doesn't mean that he will stop studying. Therefore, aspirants must stay focused from the beginning till the end of an MBA program.

Be Specific about the Specialization

Every MBA program gives the choice of picking a specialization. This is the time when an aspirant has to take an important decision since his choice of specialization will impact his career in future. If a student chooses a specialization with narrow career possibility then he will have limited job openings at the end of the course.

Therefore, it is wise to start the MBA programme without any specialization. Later on, when a student becomes his sure of his field of interest, he picks the specialization. The best MBA course in BBSR and all other places can offer at least a stepping stone in the market.

Now, it is essential for every student to know that all MBA courses are not the same. It depends on the management college as to which course it will offer. Make sure that one learns about their MBA program before taking admission to it. Do not shop a MBA course, learn it.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Why MBA in International Business?

MBA in International Business
In this age of globalization, all the business enterprises anticipate to make money through international market. The organizations which make attempts to seem in international market need graduates of international business, who represent the business or company. The job comes with traveling chances across the globe.

The goal of this program is to equip the students with sufficient knowledge and training in regard to Inter. business. This degree course is destined to augment the potential of managers in global economy beside with increasing the resources for the same. The key idea is to comprehend the planning and activities of international operations.

Curriculum Content

The curriculum of MBA in International Business majorly focuses upon-

Documentation and procedure of import/ export

Fluctuations in currency and conversations

Ways to improve/approach customers in other countries

Raising capital from international market

In the 1st year, the attention remains on the fundamentals of general management in terms of international business.

In the 2nd year, the students explore the subject matter in which they intend to specialize like marketing, finance, supply chain management, though the inter. business is emphasized upon.

Career Options and Opportunities

Those who have finished MBA degree course in Inter. Business from Top Management College in India can apply in both government and private sectors. The global market also offers a host of openings across the world to these graduates. Following are some of the companies/departments where they might get to work-

Companies having import / export department, International logistics and courier companies, Companies having international market department, International consultancy companies, Global shipping companies, International placement offices, Global tourism sector

The job titles that these graduates generally get after completing their course from any of the Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, India are-

Consultant, Export coordinators, Export managers and executives, Account Manager, Brand Manager, Global Business Manager, Marketing Manager, Investment Banking Manager, Material Manager, International Marketing Manager, Supplier Manager, International Finance Manager, Project Managers ,International Business Development Manager, Management Consultant, International business consultant

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

MBA in Finance and Accounting for a Bright Future

Do you know the reason why various multination firms are making big investments in Indian subcontinent? I have answer. The kind of pace Indian economy has gained over the past few years has exceptional and these companies project India as the new global player in the next decade. This is the reason why these companies are keen to make investments in India. Easy obtainability of manpower, good resources, and industry-friendly norms are such things that made these companies to expand their processes in Asia Pacific.

With the increasing pace of Indian economy, the need for business professionals has also grown manifold. It is expected that demand for finance professionals will be doubled in the next 5 years. As government has opened its doors for foreign investment, there is great scope for finance and accounting specialists.

In order to meet this growing demand for finance management professionals, a big number of management institutes are coming up with career-oriented financial programs for students seeking to build a good career in Finance. One such course is MBA in Finance and Accounting which is in great demand nowadays. This course is meant to teach students with basic as well as advanced finance management skills that can be of great help in resolving complex financial issues.

After completing their MBA in Finance and Accounting, these business professionals work in close connotation with business heads or directors to help them in making their crucial financial decisions. One thing is clear that while working at the top most position, there will be sufficient space for growth and improvement. As Indian companies are going into joint ventures many foreign groups, making a sagacious financial decision is very important from each and each aspect of business.

If you're also looking to do your MBA in Finance and Accounting, I would advise doing a comprehensive research on various programs and different colleges. This research will help you not only in determining the current market trend but also in selecting the Top MBA College. The best way to start your research is to use internet as it is the most extensively adopted medium for information search.

There are some colleges that specialize in providing finance connected courses such as Indian Institute of Finance and Trade. Make sure you select the best management college for your education as a right step taken here will help you achieve your career goal fruitfully.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Difference Between A Master's And An MBA Degree

Education, in present world has reached a level of reputation that equals that of food, clothing and shelter. After all, getting a good education leads to getting a good occupation, which in turn leads to the financial steadiness to be capable to afford food, clothing and shelter. While in the past, getting a high school education proved more than sufficient to secure a good job and make a livelihood, today's job market is riddled with competition. For every ten job opportunities that are made known, there are hundreds of applicants applying. Some qualified for the job experience wise, and few qualified for the job education wise. Yes today, after completion of a high school and college education, students and their parents are willing to go that extra mile to secure the perfect career, by undertaking a Master's degree in the area of interest and specialization.

What is a Master's Degree?

  • A Master's degree is rewarded to an individual who has completed, satisfying the necessities and targets set by the institute, within the specified time period, a post-graduate program that he has applied for. Given below are some of the most common characteristics that a Master's degree entails.
  • A Master's degree is an all-inclusive term used for a post-graduate degree in any field that one aspires to pursue.
  • There are numerous streams, disciplines, and fields from which particular topics are selected for holding Master's programs in.
  • For instance, there are Master's programs in the fields of fine arts, science, commerce, performing arts, communication, computer technology, etc. From inside these fields too, specific subjects are selected and Master's programs are conducted.
  • The reason for this is that these fields are very huge and hence need to be categorised and studied in information by having separate courses dedicated to them.
  • A person aspiring to undertake a Master's degree in a particular field is typically required to hold an undergraduate degree in a discipline that is the same as the Master's that he wishes to study in.
  • For example, among two individuals wishing to do a Master's in Astrophysics, somebody with a Bachelor's degree in science (specially related to astrophysics) will get preference over someone with a degree in psychology (even though he might be mentally competent for it).
  • After a Master's degree in a particular field, one usually gets a job and might later on pursue a Ph. D. in a subject of interest after garnering experience and exposure in the field.

What is an MBA?

  • An MBA is the abbreviated form of Master's in Business Administration. That it is a sure shot signal to how dissimilar it is from a regular Master's degree. Nevertheless, we've explained some points to clear your doubts.
  • An MBA is a Master's program specifically designed to train persons in one field of study: management.
  • Thus, it can be supposed that an MBA is a subset of a Master's degree. This is because while each MBA degree is a Master's degree, each Master's degree is not an MBA.
  • So an MBA is just one of the several streams and disciplines that have Master's programs to be taught.
  • Just like any other Master's degree, an MBA also has diverse subjects and fields within itself that students can specialize in. These include finance, banking, human resources, communication, etc.
  • An MBA does not need the applicant to have a specific main or stream as far as the Bachelor's degree is concerned.
  • It is a common practice to earn a Bachelor's degree, garner some work experience, and then pursue an MBA. This supports the student understand the working and practice of management ideas in business organizations better, because they've previously been a part of one.
  • Many individuals also combine a Master's degree in another field with an MBA to better their job prospects and make more money.

Master's Degree vs MBA

From the above explanation about a Master's degree and an MBA, you might have understood that an MBA is a domain that specializes only in management training while a Master's degree is a much broader term and can be dedicated to any domain in overall. If you're aiming to get into the management sector of a specific domain, then obtaining an MBA in that particular domain, for instance communication studies, will be a good idea. But if you intend to excel in the workforce level of a domain, say mass communication, then it makes more sense to get skills in that exact domain. So, by this, we can infer that a Master's degree will get you the skill set that you need to do a job, while an MBA will assist you develop your management techniques in order to manage aforementioned skill set. Both are similarly important jobs. You have to decide what your forte is.

While it is true that finishing an MBA will get you more money than an undergraduate education, there are also loads of high paying jobs even with any other master's degree. The key is to identify your field of interest, learn as much as you can about it, and find a job that uses your knowledge and skill acquired via the education to get you the remuneration you deserve.

KCC Institute of Technology & Management 
Address: 2B-2C, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306
Phone: 092100 65555

Friday, 18 August 2017

MBA Colleges Of Greater Noida Host Comprehensive Learning Programs

MBA Colleges Of Greater Noida
Do you wish to touch the heights of profits by opening a business house of your own? Well, your thought might be pragmatic, but in order to accomplish it, you need to realize their ultimate worth! There is no time left for you to keep dreaming about your future, instead, your moves must be planned cautiously. Putting the aforementioned statement simply, it is high time that you put an end to your wondering or imagination and start earning your dream by joining a professional course. Master’s degree would be attained if graduation has been successfully done. This rule is even applicable for MBA students, hence, you are recommended to proceed easily in the direction of your goal.

Business ethics and numerous related modules can be learnt about in this course. The comprehensive learning in Top MBA Colleges In Greater Noida is being encouraged to let students to get equipped with all the relevant skills. The management institutions are raising their standards in terms of providing mentoring to their students allowing them to attain their goals. These goals are none other than becoming professional entrepreneur, being self-employed or taking up jobs which request applications from MBAs only. These high-paid jobs are among prime targets of aspirants, but, they need to undergo formal training beforehand besides gaining MBA degree. Apparently, each company needs its employees to be experienced so that the latter proves to be an asset for former in the long term.

Furthermore, after receiving MBA degree, learners become qualified to appear for competitive career. As a matter of fact, after passing this course of business ethics, future of students become praiseworthy where their dreams of being on a high level in society gets attracted gradually. Hence, MBA colleges in Noida are ensuring that students are provided absolute learning resolution in the variety of programs. If you are wondering how variants of MBA regulate, then, it needs to be taken into account that MBA programs make aspirants in few different aspects of business. These aspects range from accounting, financing, Human Resource and marketing. Apart from these main subjects of Masters of Business Administration, there are other sub-divisions too.

For instance, the persons who want to be a Human Resource official selects MBA accordingly whereas, if accounting is being targeted for the future, then, they should give special emphasis to accounting segment for desirable output. Selection of basic components of MBA in Delhi NCR colleges is becoming shorter because the educational authorities are offering suitable brochures to the students. On the other hand, it implicates that students must also be precise in presenting their specifications connected to selection of MBA course. On a practical note, it will not be wrong to say that your chief interests should be identified initially as they will make the entire picture clear regarding your next course of action. In a nutshell, if you want to make your position permanent in entrepreneurial sphere or similar segments, then, the processes of application ought to be planned correctly.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Role of Internship in MBA Program

MBA Program
Do you know the role of internship in MBA Degree? Completing an MBA course sounds cool but finishing it without any work experience makes your degree a junk. In reality, prominent companies hire only individuals with "SUFFICIENT" experience than those having none. Therefore, if you have no work experience, you will be left behind. Nevertheless, you can have chances to work with big companies not as a worker but as an intern. And that is not bad at all. If you want to be fruitful, you have to start from small things and internship is one little step that you need to achieve your profession goals.

1. Even if you previously have an MBA Degree, it is not sufficient to bring you at the top particularly if you haven't tried real business work. Thus, you have to find internship programs whether it is a paid or voluntary internship. Even if it is an unpaid one, it worth a great deal. Why? Internships offer you great experience and knowledge which you will never learn from the class as it focuses you on real world business management rather than theories and class examination.

2. While you learn new business skills in getting an MBA Degree, these skills will be improved as you face real world business works. You will be exposed deeply on oral and written business communication, leadership/team management, business presentations, real planning and real project management.

3. Internships supports in building your confidence stronger. As you will be exposed on numerous works, you will be capable to identify your strength and weaknesses. You will also learn from your mistakes that will make you infallible with your business thoughts and skills.

4. Learning from a class is completely different from learning in a real business environment. Internship will allow you feel how to work like a real businessman. Definitely, it lets you feel factual excitement and experience real challenges that will develop your strategic skills.

5. Prior to your MBA Degree, internship opens you lots of career chances. You can also have a chance to get engrossed by the company where you had your internship program. After finishing the program, you will have an opportunity to acquire a regular position. If in case you will not be absorbed, you will not worry of finding a good job as completing your internship program gives you new openings that will guarantee you great positions.

Top MBA Colleges In Greater Noida

KCC Institute of Technology & Management

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Major Disciplines And Benefits Of MBA

Whether it is about establishing firmly in the field of entrepreneurship or climbing high in the business world, an MBA degree is specially the need of the hour. While providing with the essential tricks and insights, the degree enables a person with the competence of managing a business organization and its succeeding departments. An MBA program which adds acumen to the interested ground of operation of a candidate helps in polishing the relative managerial skills and sure soft skills for human management as is the goal of the degree itself. The researchers conducted on the recruitment pattern of an array of employees' shows that a wide range of employment chances were obtainable to the management students within three months of their completion of the program.

The contemporary industry bent provides with the data which says that everybody from fresh graduates to post graduate students to those with some experience are becoming gradually interesting in various management programs to their likes and its relevance to their focused aim. In spite of this eclectic pursuit the biggest fault which these aspires commit is without weighing their intentions, they scurry into preparing for the exam, gathering derails from the internet. "Why MBA?" is the most important questions when preparing for these exams and has a great significance in the professional world. Therefore it is imperative to probe the vital reasons for the inclination in the degree.

Once the aspirants have secured a seat in their coveted institute, they can always pick their area of specialization. In this context here are some major disciplines for the program with their respective advantages:

-Management in Business Administration

It is an important part of MBA curriculum and includes a diversity of topics such as technology, marketing, communication and human resource management. Apart from these mentioned there is a strong focus on matters of accounting and economics which are basic in each management program.

With the flexibility of providing with independent study and group centered interaction, presentation and examination of case studies, the program introduces the applicants to the multi-dimensional necessity of the international economy. The educational program also goals at acquainting the students with special knowledge about the risks and profits which can hit a business firm.

-Management in Marketing

There are no doubts when it comes to the feasibility of effective management techniques to any business organization. It surely has a pivotal role to accomplish when it comes to enhancing the prospect of a profit. By unraveling the keen and present market trends, it empowers the students with an all new set of business thoughts to sell. Studying the special tactics, a post-graduate in marketing can reach out to the true consumers while serving the organization which employed them.

-Management in Finance and Accounting

The prospectus of the program focuses on detailed and in-depth study of theories for finance and introduces numerous principles and guidelines of accounting. Helping the business with strategies and cost control the candidates do incredible in their professions. They can also select to escalate in the banking sector which again is the most sought-after professions.

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Why Do Student Need MBA Admission Counselling?

Numerous students prefer to study MBA after their graduation because they can secure a top notch job in a large commercial sector. The students education this course after completing graduation in any stream such as commerce, science, engineering or other related field. The students seem for an entrance examination and acquire an institution based upon their performance and ranking.

Why is MBA counselling required for students?

Today, in MBA several streams are obtainable and a student is not aware of choosing a correct stream that brings success. Each student possesses different types of skills, talents and degrees and hence a student must choose a field based upon his or her skills and education. So, the student must encounter an admission counselor who supports in choosing a right stream and college. Some of the streams of MBA include HR, finance, marketing, international business, etc.

Students apply to numerous business colleges and seek admission in a college that seems to be most reputed, possessing good infrastructure, facilities etc. They also pay lump sum amount of fee to the institute to impart education. Later on they realize that they could have secured even a better college with better quality of education. But, because of lack of counselling, they have already selected an institution that is not very rewarding.

So, a counselor helps a student to secure exact college and pay right amount of fees to impart learning. They also assist a student to secure a right stream that can help them to secure a right job. The institute must provide placement to the students directly after completing their course and help them to secure a job that aligns their qualification and skills. So, the admission counselling firms help them to seek admission in such a college that offer appropriate placement to them.

Business schools

Many reputed business schools are established today and a student would secure admission in a right business school. Each business school provides a subject for specialization and hence a student should choose a business school that is appropriate. The success rate of the institution is audited by an expert to view if the students are capable to impart quality education and secure top notch job in a reputed corporate sector.

They typically charge the customers based upon packages. Some amount of fees must be paid to the counselling firms. If two or more applicants are applying together, then they can receive a fee concession.

Counselling is essential for each management student because they should choose a right field and a right institute/colleges that can build their foundation. The counselling firms also provide ideas to the students about scholarship programs so that they can apply at a right time to the right courses.

Top MBA College In Delhi NCR

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

4 Simple Checklist Pointers For Choosing Best MBA Program

MBA has been a buzz word from past numerous years. As the world economy is improving, global businesses have started searching for employees with high learning qualification. Several of the students complete their graduation and go for a career right after that. Only few go for such post-graduation and master courses to enhance their learning qualification and gain knowledge at the same time.

However, it is not simple as it sounds! Here is a checklist to pick the best MBA program for you!

#1: Finish your MBA In 2 Year Instead Of 1 Years

For the ones who wish to add more to their qualification search for an MBA course that is of two year which bring you a post-graduation additional to your qualification. Although the 2 year may feel like a pressure cooker but, is certainly worth the efforts and hard work.

#2: International Accredited

If you are spending plenty of money on these courses, confirm you are getting worth what you spend. An international accredit will support you in your profession across the globe. After knowing the basics of the business world, you assuredly want to take your career to a next level. After all, books cannot help you arrive at business resolutions!

#3: Learn From The Individuals Around Apart From The Books

Sticking to books for knowledge is good but not enough when it comes to the corporate world. So, when you are planning to pursue MBA from, for example, business schools in Delhi NCR, meet more and more persons to know about the courses and finest MBA programs offered at these business schools.

#4: Scholarship or Fellowship

Last but not the least, search for the scholarships or fellowships if any are provided in the college before you confirm to pursue MBA there. If you find a scholarship or a fellowship, you can save a big amount of money!

So, if you are planning to pursue master of business administration (MBA) anytime soon, do not overlook to go through this checklist before proceeding!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

How Can Pursuing an MBA Programme Help Entrepreneurs

MBA is one of the most popular courses in India. It is pursued by a large amount of students and professionals coming from dissimilar educational backgrounds each year. Most MBA candidates consider this course as a stepping stone to higher level management jobs and better pays. There is no denying the fact that MBA can support students kick start their career and move up the corporate ladder speedily. But many people fail to realize that MBA is also the course that can assists students and professionals realize their dream of becoming fruitful entrepreneurs.

More and more scholars across MBA business schools in Delhi today select entrepreneurship over regular jobs. In other parts of India as well, the trend of entrepreneurship is surging quickly. An chance to do what you like doing, independence and unlimited earning possibilities are some of the key factors that inspire students to become entrepreneurs.

If you're planning to start your profession as an entrepreneur or want to leave your job to start your own company, here's how a management course from top MBA schools in Delhi can support you:

A Solid Foundation in Business

Even if you're planning to start your own business, it is significant to have basic understanding of how things work in the world of business. An MBA course familiarizes you with the business theories that can be applied into the actual world. You learn about the challenges you're probable to face in today's business atmosphere. By way of case studies, you'll be introduced to the complex difficulties faced by business owners across the world. The knowledge gained during an MBA course can prove to be of great help when it comes to becoming a fruitful entrepreneur.

Learn About Different Disciplines

An MBA course supports you meet and interact with students belonging to different learning backgrounds. This can go a long way when it comes to broaden your understanding of the world. It also endorse breakthrough innovation and provides a chance to apply new ideas to resolve problems.

Build Professional Network

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing a management course from MBA College in Delhi NCR is that you get amply of opportunities to network. Be it alumni meet or other events, the students get countless opportunities to network with ex-students and industry professionals. This makes it easier for you to procure capital and talent which will aid you kick start your business. You can hire the correct people whenever you need to do so. This way, your professional network can prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to launching a new business successfully.

You Learn How to Run Your Business

There are numerous ways to run a business. An MBA course gives you the right knowledge to run it effectively. It provides you insights into the minds of great business leaders and makes it easier for you to replicate their success. You can select to centralize or decentralize your business functions. An MBA course helps you make the exact decisions.

Pursuing an MBA course can support you realize your dream of becoming a successful businessperson. From starting your business to expanding it, the knowledge gained in an MBA course can go a long way when it comes to serving you establish your business in the industry. There are lots of good MBA business schools in Delhi and other India cities from where you can pursue your course.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Benefits Of Dual Specialization In MBA

In today's world of competitive market, it is essential to have an MBA degree on your belt for a reliable successful career. Not only it can sharpen your skills to evolve as a more developed marketing specialized, it can also prepare you for the numerous challenges that you might face in the corporate world. Compared to a traditional MBA degree that focuses on specialization in a solo program, a dual degree MBA program is really getting more importance currently as they increase the employment prospects of business school students several notches higher.

To meet the growing demand for MBA dual specialization programs, more and more leading business schools are now offering them for interested applicants. Dual degrees offer students with the chance to be educated in 2 different programs which definitely opens up extra career tracks for them. A degree obtained in a definite subject that is followed by an MBA truly alleviates the status of an person as a prospective employee, since business information serves as a strong skill set in any person's resume.

Whether you are thinking of pursuing an MBA degree in marketing or an MBA degree in management, a dual degree program can give you all the necessary skills that you need to have to be successful in your profession. Numerous applicants who wish to develop in-depth knowledge about their selected field and acquire the requisite managerial skills necessary to push them up the career ladder go for a dual specialization MBA degree. While an MBA dual specialization program is an excellent addition to your resume, studying these programs means that you need to put double effort to pass them fruitfully and develop a sharp focus to get the best out of the many dual programs that a business college has to offer.

Candidates who are keen on pursuing an MBA dual specialization degree have lots of choices from where they can choose one that fits their wants the most.

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Difference Between Part-Time And Full-Time MBA Programs

Inside the range of present MBA programs are 2 types of exercising: full-time and part-time MBA course. Full-time programs last among 12 and 21 months. On regular, students per week 15 to 20 hour’s college tuition and on top is a research of about 30 to 40 hours. The latter is composed of reading cases and planning presentations, discussions, simulations and a collection of online studying tasks. Almost all pupils in full-time program and pursue a profession switch after their job there is to be ended. This is in comparison to part-time pupils who put up their work. These classes are normally longer simply because the number of contact time in full-and part-time programs comparable.

The variations in age and encounter of the participants in a part-time programs are very large. The part-time applications ranged from age 28 to 50 years. There are numerous program styles to bring proper rights to all students. Traditionally, there are night time programs, weekend programs and flip programs. Progressively, we see a hybrid part-time program in which businesses play an active role in the ongoing learning of their workers. Whether a full or part time plan more suited to an individual depends on personal circumstances. Would anyone select a new direction in his or her occupation or is just further develop deeper? Will somebody change companies or even grow in a company? Will someone stay at home or a new perspective on administration development from overseas to work?

What Does An MBA Specify For You?

The MBA has a powerful reputation, but a program can only build on the capabilities an individual already has. How well the popularity of an MBA program is, it can never totally change someone. An MBA created to broaden the truthful management capacity that people previously have. And the difficulties in business you attract, if you can manage the uncertainties that decision creating and managing people provide with them like, then an MBA can help you develop your skills and abilities. What have you analyzed before, where did you function, how operative you were and how an MBA can fit into your general career.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

6 Professions Where an MBA Can Boost Your Career

As increasingly students are enrolling for an MBA programme, the competition for grabbing seats in colleges and universities has heated up significantly. Here are 6 professions where an MBA degree can boost your career.

IT Manager

IT managers are answerable for overseeing computer systems of an organization. They are in charge of ensuring that the systems meet the wants of the company and are safe. There are numerous firms that require their IT managers to have an MBA degree as these managers need the skills and expertise to lead an IT team and deal with executives. A master degree in management increases probabilities of drawing a high salary.

Financial Manager

Finance is one sector that is great for MBA pass outs as it carefully relates with graduate education. Financial managers are liable for overseeing a firm's financial situation, prepare reports, and advise top management on finances and analyzing trends. Most companies want their financial managers to have an MBA degree as it gives applicants analytical skills. While experience in the finance industry definitely helps, an MBA degree just gives one an added benefit.

Human Resource Manager

With increasing demands of the human resource (HR) departments, there is a spike in the need for skilled HR managers. HR managers are liable for recruiting manpower for a company along with performing administrative functions. The work also requires close working with best executives to frame strategic planning. An MBA opens development into the position.

Financial Advisor

This is another finance-related job that needs MBA graduates. A financial advisor offers guidance on tax, insurance, investment and retirement to clients. This job is highly lucrative for those who want to be their own boss. An MBA degree can support one to attract clients and it becomes simple to move into a management role.

Management Analyst

Management analysts offer resolutions to companies on finances, costs and practices on solving specific difficulties. They are also responsible for conducting organization educations, design systems and prepare manuals to aid the management in operating more efficiently. Top firms deploy MBA graduates as management analysts.


Marketing is another job where an MBA degree plays a vital role. Global companies recruit MBA pass outs for marketing professions. As the job requires meeting and convincing clients about the products and services of a firm, companies want management graduates for the role.

There are numerous institutes that offer a full-time or diploma in MBA in various fields. Students should be careful in selecting the institute that they feel can help them in shaping their career.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

4 Good Reasons in Support of Pursuing an MBA Programme

MBA is the latest craze of the young generation. It has become a prestigious career choice having lucrative job chances. Now, some may ask - whether MBA is only a trend of the modern world or it really has some worth. Can students have secure future after pursuing this programme? Is pursuing MBA actually worth the investment one makes? Well, the answer to all these questions is a big 'YES'.

If an individual is ready to enter modern business, then pursuing the programme will give him immense advantages. Choosing the top B-schools with good reputation will do the task better. For this, one has to check the top ten Management college list in India.

Here are some of the reasons which says in support of studying MBA.

Why Studying MBA is Profitable 

Opens up the track for thriving career choices

The very qualification of an MBA graduate offers him greater opportunity for obtaining high level position in management. In the corporate world, graduates mostly hold the position of board directors or senior managers. These high positions bring prestige, sound salary package, greater responsibility and more chance for career development.

Better chances to have high salary package

If one surveys the job market, he will find that pay of an MBA graduate is much higher than that of any other worker. What is the final goal of any business professional? Dream of each expert is to achieve high rank in job market and enjoy high salary. The programme fulfills this dream of everyone's life.

Gives free accessibility to large business networking

MBA students are usually opened to good networking chances. Throughout its training period, these students get the chance to interact with numerous business experts which accentuates their management capabilities. Internships are another great opportunities that open an individual to extensive business network.

Offer valuable managerial and business skills

Professionals having work experience usually tend to avoid taking any risk. Studying MBA forces an individual to move out of his comfort zone and take up issues connected to business world. They develop the skill of employing new managerial techniques and meet challenge each time. An MBA graduate develops the capability to increase continuously.

Therefore, it is worth saying that if the young generation wants to get the taste of a new professional life ad recognize new credentials, then he must pursue MBA programme. However, before seeking admission one must check Colleges Ranking.

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