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Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to Get MBA HR Fresher Job

Human Resource is the fast-growing field with lucrative work opportunities. It is a field where you have the variety of job positions and titles. As a preferred career path, you can pick the best appropriate profile as per your need. If you plan your education, training and work experience, it is very easy to make a career in it.

To start a career at the administrative level, an undergraduate degree is sufficient. However, big companies and MNC's look for a professional qualification in Human Resource. MBA in HR with specific certifications and training will lead you in a good job. Anybody can easily have MBA degree in HR but getting through the placement is very hard as you need to be competent. As a fresher, you need to focus on your skills and you need to possess advance Human Resource generalist training course.

For the career advancement, the first job is significant. You can not join any random company for HR position with low pay. To improve the career path, you need a placement at good at good HR position. KCC institute of technology and management is the reputed institute for MBA in Delhi NCR. They provide offline certification courses in MBA HR. The institute is famous for placing their candidates in reputed HR companies. It provides corporate practical training to make candidates job worthy.

Some of the popular courses offered by the company for fresher HR jobs are

Advance Human Resource Generalist Training

This course is particularly designed to cover major aspects of HR. It includes training on topics like performance management system, compensation, and advantages, Recruitment, training, and development etc. This course will raise your standard to get the best job.

Payroll and statutory compliance

Payroll management course is the specified course for gaining knowledge about statutory legal compliance and compensation and benefits. So numerous companies are seeking for applicants who are specifically proficient in payroll management.

IR & legal compliance

The skilled team of KCC institute of technology and management are experts on everything. 

PMS I T&D I R&S I Business HR

Performance management system, Training and development and recruitment & manpower planning are three core areas of HR which have ample of job opening.

SAP HR HCM Training

This is the advanced course which will make you competent and lead you with good income package.

For all the above courses you will get the Human Resource practical training in Delhi NCR. The institute is focused on developing the good career path in HR for their applicants. These are just a few lists of courses however you can get the certification training as per your education background need.

Create your own personalized Human Resource career track by joining the good MBA institute. You do not need any guidance if you are following this article. Anybody can get a good HR fresher job if you know the competitive ways to build HR career. Build some good skills through professional certification courses so that you become more competent. There are lots of Human Resource job positions and you can fit in numerous suitable positions. Select the one that meet your area of interest, career goal and financial goals.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

6 Main Functions of a Human Resource Department

Human Resource
The HR department is a versatile and multi-functional division within an organization. The department is answerable for hiring and firing employees, training workers, maintaining interoffice relationships and interpreting employ laws. The department works diligently behind the scenes to ensure an organization runs professionally.

Hiring and Recruiting

One of the primary functions of the HR department is to oversee hiring and recruiting inside an organization. The department actively recruits, screens, interviews and hires qualified applicants for open positions. The department administers skills assessment and personality tests to match applicants with the right job within the company. The HR department also develops employee handbooks that explain company policies and processes to new hires.

Training and Development

The human resources department handles the training and development of an organization. It creates training programs and conducts training for new hires and existing employees. The human resources department also works in conjunction with department managers and supervisors to control the training requirements of employees. They also are responsible for training contracts and accounting.


The human resources department is responsible for numerous features of employee compensation. The department typically handles employee payroll and ensures employees are paid precisely and on time. Human resources departments also manage compensation programs that contain pensions and other fringe advantage offered by the employer.

Employee Benefits

The HR department manages all aspects of employee benefits, including health and dental insurance, long-term care or disability programs as well as employee help and wellness programs. The department keeps track of employee absences and job-protected leave, such as family medical leave. Human resources department representatives confirm employees receive the proper disclosures regarding benefit eligibility or if advantages are no longer obtainable because of a layoff or termination.

Employee Relations

The human resources department handles employee relations matters inside an organization. Employee relations involves employee participation in dissimilar aspects of organizational activities. The department maintains the relationship between employees and management by promoting communication and fairness inside the company. The department also controls disputes between employees and management, as well as disputes between the company and labor unions or employee rights organizations.

Legal Responsibilities

The human resources section is responsible for interpreting and enforcing employment and labor laws such as equal employment opening, fair labour standards, benefits and wages, and work hour requirements. 

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