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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Why Do Student Need MBA Admission Counselling?

Numerous students prefer to study MBA after their graduation because they can secure a top notch job in a large commercial sector. The students education this course after completing graduation in any stream such as commerce, science, engineering or other related field. The students seem for an entrance examination and acquire an institution based upon their performance and ranking.

Why is MBA counselling required for students?

Today, in MBA several streams are obtainable and a student is not aware of choosing a correct stream that brings success. Each student possesses different types of skills, talents and degrees and hence a student must choose a field based upon his or her skills and education. So, the student must encounter an admission counselor who supports in choosing a right stream and college. Some of the streams of MBA include HR, finance, marketing, international business, etc.

Students apply to numerous business colleges and seek admission in a college that seems to be most reputed, possessing good infrastructure, facilities etc. They also pay lump sum amount of fee to the institute to impart education. Later on they realize that they could have secured even a better college with better quality of education. But, because of lack of counselling, they have already selected an institution that is not very rewarding.

So, a counselor helps a student to secure exact college and pay right amount of fees to impart learning. They also assist a student to secure a right stream that can help them to secure a right job. The institute must provide placement to the students directly after completing their course and help them to secure a job that aligns their qualification and skills. So, the admission counselling firms help them to seek admission in such a college that offer appropriate placement to them.

Business schools

Many reputed business schools are established today and a student would secure admission in a right business school. Each business school provides a subject for specialization and hence a student should choose a business school that is appropriate. The success rate of the institution is audited by an expert to view if the students are capable to impart quality education and secure top notch job in a reputed corporate sector.

They typically charge the customers based upon packages. Some amount of fees must be paid to the counselling firms. If two or more applicants are applying together, then they can receive a fee concession.

Counselling is essential for each management student because they should choose a right field and a right institute/colleges that can build their foundation. The counselling firms also provide ideas to the students about scholarship programs so that they can apply at a right time to the right courses.

Top MBA College In Delhi NCR

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Does Ranking Matters While Electing A Top MBA College?

So, you have all decided to pursue an MBA programme and are searching for the best MBA College. Choosing the top business school may seem a complicated task for most students. Nevertheless, there is one parameter that acts as a lifeline - ranking. Numerous organizations and publications conduct comprehensive studies and surveys to rank colleges offering many MBA programmes. Unfortunately, no two rankings published in the same year matches each other. So, there is no perfect measurement that can assist you determine the best business school for enrollment.

Standardization In Rankings

One of the most usual questions asked by MBA candidates is whether there is a standardization in the ranking criteria for B-schools. The answer is "no". While one publication ranks colleges based on customer satisfaction the other focuses on ROI. Similarly, different publications have their own way to come up with ranks. Some solely focus on company recruiters hiring students.

Ranking And Reputation

It is fairly common among students to relate rankings and reputation. The number game measures status to a great extent and almost all reviews consider multiple factors, though their prime focus differs. A few factors that play a vital role in the numbers game are average salary of alumni, placement success, achievement of objectives and goals and profession progress. Though, all of them do say about the excellence of the B-school, yet assuming it blindly is not a good idea.

Are Rankings Helpful?

The question is quite dicey. According to a former faculty of a Top MBA college in Greater Noida, UP, students shouldn't join a college solely on the source of rankings published in various media. Yes, it is one big factor among several others to consider, but it should not be the only one. If one carefully studies and analyses the algorithms and methodologies used, more details about a college can be unearthed. It might help one know the college culture and its educational environment. It also support one to know whether the environment suites one's character or not.

Considerations Beyond The Numbers

MBA is an entrance to a bright future ahead and therefore there is more to consider beyond the numbers. One must look for numerous things such as:

Course Cost
Location of the institute
Relationship with potential employers

In a competitive world with so several B-schools, rankings have become a shortcut to measure the efficiency of a management institute/colleges. It is virtually not possible for a student to pick the best college and the numbers just narrow down the institutes offering MBA courses.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

How Can Pursuing an MBA Programme Help Entrepreneurs

MBA is one of the most popular courses in India. It is pursued by a large amount of students and professionals coming from dissimilar educational backgrounds each year. Most MBA candidates consider this course as a stepping stone to higher level management jobs and better pays. There is no denying the fact that MBA can support students kick start their career and move up the corporate ladder speedily. But many people fail to realize that MBA is also the course that can assists students and professionals realize their dream of becoming fruitful entrepreneurs.

More and more scholars across MBA business schools in Delhi today select entrepreneurship over regular jobs. In other parts of India as well, the trend of entrepreneurship is surging quickly. An chance to do what you like doing, independence and unlimited earning possibilities are some of the key factors that inspire students to become entrepreneurs.

If you're planning to start your profession as an entrepreneur or want to leave your job to start your own company, here's how a management course from top MBA schools in Delhi can support you:

A Solid Foundation in Business

Even if you're planning to start your own business, it is significant to have basic understanding of how things work in the world of business. An MBA course familiarizes you with the business theories that can be applied into the actual world. You learn about the challenges you're probable to face in today's business atmosphere. By way of case studies, you'll be introduced to the complex difficulties faced by business owners across the world. The knowledge gained during an MBA course can prove to be of great help when it comes to becoming a fruitful entrepreneur.

Learn About Different Disciplines

An MBA course supports you meet and interact with students belonging to different learning backgrounds. This can go a long way when it comes to broaden your understanding of the world. It also endorse breakthrough innovation and provides a chance to apply new ideas to resolve problems.

Build Professional Network

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing a management course from MBA College in Delhi NCR is that you get amply of opportunities to network. Be it alumni meet or other events, the students get countless opportunities to network with ex-students and industry professionals. This makes it easier for you to procure capital and talent which will aid you kick start your business. You can hire the correct people whenever you need to do so. This way, your professional network can prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to launching a new business successfully.

You Learn How to Run Your Business

There are numerous ways to run a business. An MBA course gives you the right knowledge to run it effectively. It provides you insights into the minds of great business leaders and makes it easier for you to replicate their success. You can select to centralize or decentralize your business functions. An MBA course helps you make the exact decisions.

Pursuing an MBA course can support you realize your dream of becoming a successful businessperson. From starting your business to expanding it, the knowledge gained in an MBA course can go a long way when it comes to serving you establish your business in the industry. There are lots of good MBA business schools in Delhi and other India cities from where you can pursue your course.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Career Advantages You Can Get From Doing an MBA Program

As technology drives the world nowadays, more and more methods of running businesses are coming up. Nevertheless, nothing can replace the decision-making and strategic skills that an MBA degree offers. If you have done an MBA course, you are well equipped to resolve equally the technical as well as the human facet of a management equation. Studying in one of the best Management Institutes not only endows you with the benefit of a solid return on investment but also intensifies your knowledge, abilities and skills, that will help you in your future professional endeavors.

Listed below are some of the benefits you can get but studying MBA:

Boost your career -
If you feel that your profession path has touched a dead end and does not serve your aptitudes and interests, a MBA program can give you the benefit and flexibility of exploring newer choices. An MBA can provides you with the training you require to change careers. However, if you're current professional state is satisfying, an MBA degree can prepare you for a higher position inside your field.

Gain Transferable Skills -
An MBA program will give you newer skills and knowledge that will enhancement your career. The hard and soft skills you acquire during the span of the course can be reflected in other occupations other than just marketing, finance, and consulting. Nowadays the career scope for MBA students has extended to fields of tech and IT, healthcare, consumer goods, government sector, industrial sector, and even non-profit organizations. Some of the skills that are increased while doing MBA are leadership, creativity, entrepreneurial business, social media, and more can be transferred among a myriad of job prospects.

Subject Specialization -
Students can select subjects according to their interests and abilities and build their career path in areas such as real estate, digital marketing, business marketing or analytics, consulting, experts, social innovation, healthcare, so on and so forth. This can give your career a proper direction and make your skills more marketable so that you get placed in the industry immediately.

Better Job Prospects -
Companies prefer hiring applicants with better business acumen and information. They understand the worth of their business and hence give more opportunity to MBA students who are adept at business dealings and know the tactics of handling difficult business affairs. They get chosen first because of their capability of coming up with innovative solutions and improving inefficiencies in the business. Again, given the wide job chances for MBA grads, they are sure to receive handsome income packages.

Networking opportunities -
Getting an MBA provides you with sufficient opportunity to build amiable relations with plenty of people and form your very own professional network. First, at business school you a get a chance to learn and interact with skillful persons from different parts of the country. This exposes you to dissimilar cultural perspectives, business practices and point of views. Your connection will keep you open to innumerable professional openings.

KCC ITM - MBA B.Tech Admission 2017 in Delhi
Address: M-78, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
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